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Telling better educational stories with data visualisation

As we drown in information, "dashboards" have become pervasive, but how we present the information to the end user is a challenge. Dashboards are often too complex with users bombarded with information that may not be relevant. Let’s take education as an example, where dashboards are being designed to help students with different aspects of their learning, for example,  managing time effectively, accessing key learning resources, or gaining a richer picture of their progress.   But here's the...
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Do students value automated feedback on their writing?

All students are used to software keeping an eye on their spelling, grammar and signs of plagiarism. They’re also very familiar with the idea that computers can understand complex, everyday speech or writing, as mobile phones and Google adverts are clearly able to interpret such “natural language” (as it is called in computer science). If they have ever tried to learn to speak or write a foreign language, they may well have used online tools to get instant feedback and coaching. So, on the on...
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Analytics Innovation and Impact

EDUCAUSE Review is one of the most influential IT/Education leadership publications. The current edition showcases the UTS strategic leadership that led to the hybrid innovation/impact centre that is CIC: Buckingham Shum, S.J. and McKay, T.A. (2018), Architecting for Learning Analytics: Innovating for Sustainable Impact. EDUCAUSE Review, March/April 2018, pp. 25-37. In the article, CIC's Director compares notes with his opposite number at the University of Michigan, who runs the Digita...
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CIC is a strategic innovation centre working in close partnership with faculties and business units, providing UTS with research-based data science tools and expertise. CIC expertise, coupled with our strategic internal and external relationships, build the capacity of UTS to uncover new insights through data science techniques and analytics tools.
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Meet our 2 new Research Fellows

CIC is building its team, and we’re delighted to announce the appointment of two new Research Fellows, selected for their human-centred analytics orientation, communication skills and transdisciplinary modes of designing and thinking. Working closely with UTS educators and leaders, Simon and Roberto will help design, deploy, evaluate and theorise next generation analytics tools. These will help both learners and educators see patterns in the data traces left by Learning.Futures student activity....
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