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Giving stakeholders a voice in analytics design

AI and analytics are complex technologies – so how do we build trust in them? Doctoral researcher Carlos Prieto-Alvarez is adapting co-design techniques to give academics and students a voice in shaping next generation tools. Postgraduate students designing their own mobile analytics dashboard Co-design and participatory design for learning analytics requires a clear vision of what is learning and how data analysis can be used to benefit participants. Researchers and academics commonly des...
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Accounting students using AcaWriter to get instant feedback on their writing

In summary: AcaWriter (writing analytics tool) tested in new genre of writing Rolled out to over 600 accounting students with exciting positive feedbacks   CIC’s Writing Analytics tool AcaWriter is now being tested for in a new genre of writing – business reports written by accounting students. The tool has been rolled out to about 600 students in UTS this semester (Spring 2018) with a version of automated feedback tuned for this genre. Rhetorical moves from AcaWriter were mapped to t...
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The Student Experience Analytics (SEA) Project

  In summary: The SEA Project uses a time series representation (advanced statistics and exploratory visualisations) of the student response rates from available survey data to deliver valuable new insights to student experiences Already, it has uncovered hidden strengths and weaknesses, enabling CIC to better respond to faculty queries about this data   What would we learn about the student experience at UTS if we crunched together a whole bunch of quantitative and qualitat...
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CIC Welcomes Ming Liu to the team

We are delighted to announce that Dr Ming Liu has joined CIC as a Research Fellow in Text Analytics. His research interests include human language technologies in writing and reading and learning analytics especially using technology and data to enhance learning, engagement and collaboration. His research findings have appeared in IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Journal of Internet and Higher Education, Educational Technology & Society, Intelligent Tutoring System and other respe...
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Farewell to Rianne

CIC farewelled our latest Endeavour Scholarship visitor, Maria Anna (Rianne) Conijn (snapped on the right, with CIC's other doctoral researchers) after a 4 month stint in the CIC lab. Rianne is a PhD researcher in Writing Analytics in the department of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University, the Netherlands. She is passionate about using data mining techniques to gain insight in students’ learning behaviour, and to use this to improve learning and teaching. Rianne...
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CIC @ London Festival of Learning 2018

The London Festival of Learning was a unique convergence in June of three major international conferences in learning and technology: International Conference of the Learning Sciences, Artficial Intelligence in Education and Learning@Scale. CIC's Director Simon Buckingham Shum presented a keynote address at ICLS, a bi-annual conference that gathers minds from all aspects of the learning sciences, including empirical, conceptual, theoretical, design-based, practitioner and policy perspecti...
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CIC @ 2018 UTS Vice Chancellor’s Learning and Teaching Showcase

The showcase was a celebration for work done by 2017 UTS Vice Chancellor's Learning and Teaching Award and Citation recipients. This event celebrates the many ways teaching and professional staff at UTS are creating the best possible learning experiences and learning outcomes for our students. It showcases projects that some of these recipients have worked on, such as ‘Developing scientists for the modern laboratory’ and ‘The Justice Brennan Project: Empowering students as change-agents’. S...
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Decoding Big Data

Check out this story from the UTS news room, featuring some of our UTS data scientists, including CIC Director, Simon Buckingham Shum. Key points: Humans have been surrounded by data since the beginning of history, but what’s different today is that the rate at which data is now being created and stored is exponential Experts say a re-imagining of data could see societies move away from one-size-fits-all approaches and towards more tailored solutions for education, finance...
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Open Source Writing Analytics

   CIC has released its Academic Writing Analytics (AWA) infrastructure open source. THE CHALLENGE. CIC initiated its Academic Writing Analytics (AWA) project in 2015, as it became clear through consultations across faculties that student writing was a strategically important area for UTS teaching and learning (and indeed, for most other educational institutions). The possibility of providing instant, personalised, actionable feedback to students about their drafts, 24/7, is a compelling o...
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Telling better educational stories with data visualisation

As we drown in information, "dashboards" have become pervasive, but how we present the information to the end user is a challenge. Dashboards are often too complex with users bombarded with information that may not be relevant. Let’s take education as an example, where dashboards are being designed to help students with different aspects of their learning, for example,  managing time effectively, accessing key learning resources, or gaining a richer picture of their progress.   But here's the...
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