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Farewell to Ratha Ang

Last week we said goodbye to Ratha Ang, our Administrative Assistant. She has been part of CIC's professional team since 2017. Her dedication and ability to strive has seen her take on a new opportunity as a Travel and Administration Officer in The School of International Studies and Education at UTS. Ratha’s considerate and warm-hearted personality will surely be missed. CIC wishes Ratha all the best with her future endeavours and new administrative role.
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Nikhil Sarathy: Towards Lifelong Learning Infrastructure

My research focuses on the implications that lifelong learning will have for the educational data infrastructure. This currently provides poor support for challenges such as the Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) as people move between formal education and in/out of workplaces. My research is analysing the possibility of a “learner model” that could summarise key aspects of a learner’s knowledge and experience, and the data infrastructure that could make this a reality. I am investigating wheth...
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Leonie Payne: Towards Next Gen Surveys of Teaching Effectiveness

My PhD is motivated by the question of educators - "How do I know if my teaching is effective?". Whilst assessment results, peer feedback and teaching portfolio artefacts are useful indicators, student evaluations of teaching surveys are used in the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT). The QILT is an annually published survey comparing student experience across higher education institutions and study areas. Though QILT results influence perceptions of university experience, the m...
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Sasha Gromov: Towards Personalised Learning Pathways

My name is Aleksandr, but you are more than welcome to call me Sasha. I am from Moscow, Russia, but the last three years I spent in Sydney. I just finished a Master of IT at UTS and decided to carry out research. I am interested in Learning Analytics and graduate employability in particular. My aim is helping graduates to find a perfect learning path for their desired careers. I think I have a unique experience as a PhD student. I have been living in Sydney for three years, so it is not a new s...
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Next Gen Data Scientists

Two students are working with Dr Kirsty Kitto on the UTS TRACK Project, mapping curriculum data alongside job data to improve the way we talk about and structure courses at UTS, as well as providing advice for students when they have to consider their subject choices and how that maps to future careers. Another student in her final year has proposed a project to CIC and will be creating a web based assessment tool, also under Kirsty Kitto’s supervision. The web application will acquire answers ...
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Sasha Gromov wins first place in the Cloud Track at Huawei ICT Competition

The Huawei ICT Competition 2019 Australia is an annual event aimed at developing the professional skills of students around the world. Students can choose the Networking Track, associated with the creation of network infrastructure, or the Cloud Track, aimed at working with cloud computing services. Sasha said, “I like to participate in all kinds of competitions. So, when I received an invitation to participate in the Huawei ICT Competition 2019 Australia, I immediately agreed. Before that, I h...
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CIC co-chairs Collaboration Analytics workshop

The International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is the premier research conference in the field of Collaborative Learning from a Learning Sciences perspective. This is a bi-annual event that brings together computer scientists, learning scientists, education expets and practitioners to present cutting edge work applied to understanding and supporting the very complex phenomena of collaboration. This year, CSCL was held in Lyon, France from 17 to 21st of June, 2...
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Can a computer be trained to recognise a reflective pharmacy student?

CIC researchers Ming Liu and Simon Buckingham Shum have continued their longstanding collaboration with Cherie Lucas (UTS School of Pharmacy) and a new collaborator, Efi Mantzourani (U. Cardiff). The team has already accomplished a world first for UTS — providing instant feedback to students on their reflective writing. Building on their grammar-based approach, they have now reported the first steps towards training their text analysis infrastructure to classify student writing purely by analy...
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Connecting the dots between LA infrastructure, ethics and lifelong learning

How will we personalise learning over a lifetime? Can LA play a role in modelling the evolution of a student’s knowledge, skills and dispositions as they move from school, to higher education, the workforce, and perhaps back for further study? We could only do so if we are able to somehow share data across a wide range of LA systems, so moving beyond the “learning system wall” identified by Ryan Baker in his keynote address this year to the International Learning Analytics Conference. UTS:CIC i...
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