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HealthSimLAK: Multimodal Learning Analytics meet Patient Manikins

We are collaborating with the UTS Clinical Simulation team at the Faculty of Health to explore the potential that multimodal learning analytics can bring to generate reflection in Healthcare simulations using patient manikins. Healthcare simulations are hands-on learning experiences aimed at allowing students to practice essential skills that they may need when working with real patients in clinical workplaces. Some clinical classrooms at UTS are equipped with patient manikins that can respond t...
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UTS ECR Grant 2017: High Performance Teamwork Analytics in Physical Spaces

An UTS ECR grant 2017 (20k) was granted to our CIC Educational Data Science Research Fellow, Dr. Martinez-Maldonado to conduct research in the area of High Performance Teamwork Analytics in Physical Spaces. This project aims to create visual analytics techniques to support collocated, high performance teamwork in areas of professional practice. Supporting teamwork is important, as collaborating effectively is a key 21st century workforce skill. The particular added value of this research is t...
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UTS VCLT Grant 2017: Assessing the impact of automated writing feedback on student revisions in Civil Law

The collaborative project with UTS Law aims to understand the impact of automated feedback (from a Writing Analytics tool) on student writing. We are investigating this, in the context of UTS Civil Law, by setting a pedagogically meaningful activity integrated into the subject, namely, to improve a relatively poor sample essay.  Students’ revisions to this essay will be logged and analysed to see if students who are given access to the Writing Analytics tool perform differently from control cond...
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UTS VCLT Grant 2017: Noisy Sheets – A Practical Approach to Scalable, Authentic Assessment for Quantitative Literacy

      Project: Noisy Sheets: A Practical Approach to Scalable, Authentic Assessment for Quantitative Literacy This collaborative projects with the UTS School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences will develop an application to support authentic data analytics assessment as a flipped-learning activity. We will develop an application that enables us to share an individual copy of a dataset to all students via google sheets. The dataset will be modified such that each s...
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UTS VCLT Grant 2017: Investigating the diagnostic potential of a science benchmarking task

The project will investigate student outcomes of a flipped learning ‘benchmarking’ activity in which students are asked to grade and give feedback on sections of assignment that they subsequently write their own versions of.  Prior investigation highlights the enormous benefits of this kind of task, but rarely are outcomes quantitatively evaluated to inform future practice.  This project aims to use a large dataset from Biocomplexity at UTS to inform ongoing development of this learning stra...
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Collaboration Analytics

Learning Analytics for understanding small-group collaborative processes in multi-device spaces Roberto Martinez-Maldonado (CIC), Simon BuckinghamShum (CIC), Vanessa Echeverria (CIC- PhD student) Communicating and articulating thoughts and ideas effectively using oral, written and nonverbal communication channels, in a variety of forms and contexts, are critical 21st century skills for lifelong learning. Part of the work that some of the members of CIC have previously done consisted in s...
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UTS ViTaL: Ideation & Visual Thinking

“Seeing between the lines”: ideation and thinking visually for learning and teaching Theresa Anderson (CIC), Andrew Francois (IML), Katrina Waite (IML), Kelly Tall (CIC) CIC plays host to a learning community exploring ways ideation (processes for generating ideas) and visual techniques can support the design and delivery of teaching material and help students effectively think through and communicate their work. ViTaL (Visuality in Teaching and Learning) emerged as the outcome of a 2015 U...
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A3R: Authentic Assessment Analytics for Reflective Writing

A3R: Authentic Assessment Analytics for Reflective Writing Authentic Assessment Analytics for Reflection (A3R) is an exciting new project that DVC(ES) (Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education and Students Prof. Shirley Alexander) is funding over the coming year, jointly led by the Connected Intelligence Centre (CIC) and Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML), as part of the UTS priority to transition towards increasingly authentic assessment practices. Authentic assessment is concerned ...
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Multimodal Sequence Mining & Analytics

Learning to collaborate is important. But how does one learn to collaborate face-to-face? What are the actions and strategies to follow for a group of students who start a task? We are interested in analysing aspects of students’ activity when working in digital ecologies enriched with sensors for identifying users, and also at  multi-display settings. This project is seeking out to automatically  distinguish, discover and distil salient common patterns of interaction within groups, by mining...
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