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Date: Monday, 13th March 2017
Time: 09:00 AM
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada


The CIC team will be attending the 7th International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK17). LAK17 Conference will be held in Canada from March 13-17, 2017  and is organised by the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SOLAR).  This annual conference brings together a diversity of researchers focused on the many transdisciplinary fields associated with learning analytics and provides a forum to address critical issues and challenges confronting the education sector today.

Below are the workshops that the team will be organising.

1. Cross-LAK: Learning Analytics Across Physical and Digital Spaces

Date: Monday 13 March 2017. 8:30 – 17:00
CIC Organiser: Roberto Martínez-Maldonado
Abstract: Student’s  learning happens where the learner is rather than being constrained to a single physical or digital environment. It is of high relevance for the LAK community to provide analytics support in blended learning scenarios where students can interact at diverse learning spaces and with a variety of educational tools.  This workshop aims to gather the sub-community of LAK  researchers,  learning scientists and researchers in other areas, interested in the intersection between ubiquitous, mobile and/or classroom learning analytics.  The underlying concern is how to integrate and coordinate learning analytics seeking to understand the particular pedagogical needs and context constraints to provide learning analytics support across digital and physical spaces.  The goals of the workshop are to consolidate the Cross-LAK sub-community and provide a forum for idea generation that can build up further collaborations.  The workshop will also serve to disseminate current work in the area by both producing proceedings of research papers and working towards a journal special issue.
Visit the LAK17 website for more information

2. LAK17: Writing Analytics Literacy – Bridging from Research to Practice

Date: Full day workshop on 14th March 2017
CIC Organisers: Simon Knight, Andrew Gibson and Simon Buckingham Shum
Abstract: Broadly defined, writing analytics involves the measurement and analysis of written texts for the purpose of understanding writing processes and products, in their educational contexts. Writing analytics are ultimately aimed at improving the educational contexts in which writing is most prominent. The principal goal of writing analytics is to move beyond assessment of texts divorced from contexts, transitioning instead to a more nuanced investigation of how analytics may be effectively deployed in different writing contexts. Writing analytics thus aims to employ learning analytics to develop a deeper understanding of writing skills.
Visit the LAK17 website for more information

3. Connecting Data with Student Support Actions in a Course: A Hands-on Tutorial

Date: Tuesday 14 March 2017, 8.30-12.30pm
CIC Organisers: Roberto Martínez-Maldonado and Simon Buckingham Shum
Abstract: The  amount  of  data  extracted  from  learning  experiences  has grown at an astonishing pace both in depth due to the increasing variety  of  data  sources,  and  in  breath  with  courses  now  being offered  to  massive  student  cohorts.  However,  in  this  emerging scenario  instructors  are  now  facing  the  challenge  of  connecting the knowledge emerging from data analysis with the provision of meaningful  support  actions  to  students  within  the  context  of  an instructional design. The  objective  of  this  tutorial  is  to  give  attendees  a  set  of hypothetical  scenarios  in  which  the  knowledge  extracted  from  a learning  experience  needs  to  be  used  to  provide  frequent personalized feedback to students.
Visit the LAK17 website for more information